What Do You Convey With Your Style?

As some of you may remember from previous posts, I’m a big huge fan of style as a visual expression of the soul and essence. Discovering/uncovering/finding your style is like reinforcing, strengthening, providing another outlet for your voice(s), and it is really a kick in the pantaloons.  

Style, especially SoulStyle as I like to call it is something I never get sick of! It actually keeps me connected to my Higher Self, my feelings and my desires.

We are constantly evolving and changing and morphing, even on a day-to-day basis!  That’s why it’s important to have another way to express and communicate that visually–even to yourself! Some days, You are a strong, kick-ass, no-nonsense businesswoman with a penchant for exotic accessories. BOOM! Others, you are a femme fatale with a vampire heart and a profound need to express the passion in your heart. BAM! Style allows us to not only embody how and what we want to feel, but also how and what we want to create and attract into our lives.

I did this short-n-fun video for the wonderful 30 Day Video Challenge with Amethyst Mahoney (which I highly recommend!!) and thought it would be cool to share!!  I couldn’t keep my style to just 3 words though, tee hee…


What does your style communicate/convey/express to the world? How would you describe your style in 3 words (ish!) Are you expressing your essence through your SoulStyle? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

P.S.  If you are interested in tapping into YOUR very own SoulStyle, send me a quick message to set up a FREE 45-minute “Breakthrough to YOUR Beauty” discovery session where we’ll:

-Laser in on what is keeping you stuck and holding you back from going after the stuff you desire (FUN, adventure, the love of your life, {insert yours here} )
-Get clear on what it is you DO want in your life
-Create some action steps you can take to finally start feeling, living, acting BEAUTIFUL NOW!

The Mile-High City + Morphing Into My Higher Self

Things have been brewing and growing and expanding and evolving rapidly lately…





I just returned from a 21-day trip to see my kooky and amazing family in Denver, and it was unlike any of my previous visits over the past 10 years.  

This time it was extra special energetically.  I have been “working on myself” for years now, and was giddy to see how my reactions, expectations, thoughts and actions have totally shifted!

One of my major causes of stress before entering the world of self-realization was having these crazy expectations of my mother and sisters, and giving guilt trips to “shame” them into doing things I thought they needed to do, as if I was some sort of existence authority.  I cannot express my profound gratitude for not having this messed-up shiz going on on my noggin anymore!!  Being with them has always been fun and like an adventure (my family is chock-full of creative, quirky, hilarious rebels, so adventure is never far…)

This time, the fun and adventure was still there, but it was totally clean and clear and translucent.

Free from judgment and expectations.  Free of guilt and shame and all that yucky jazz.  We even noticed some kinks and blocks, and worked together to clear and re-pattern to improve our relationship even more.  Delicious.  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing and feeling peace and openness within yourself and with your family, yo.  Siiiiiiigh….

During my magic voyage, I also had some pretty intense, mind-blowing experiences!  


photo credit: lobotomized via photopin <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc

photo credit: lobotomized via photopin

Some highlights:

~A spontaneous “gazing” session with Braco (pronounced “Braht-zoh”).  I had never heard of him until a friend of my sister’s called to tell her that there was someone to see in Boulder that we could not miss.  I cried, I vibrated, I saw him shapeshift–he was a boy, a strong man, an elderly woman, your favorite aunt who cooks you amazing hearty meals.  I can’t explain it.  Pretty wow.

~My curandera sister and twin star helped me become a Reiki Master Teacher, and with it comes a 21-day cleansing period.  It has been 10 days, and the clarity and expansiveness I am living are indescribable.

~A one-hour BodyTalk session where I learned of my past lives to help me heal, relationships I need to shift, techniques and modalities I can used to more effectively help my clients….  Off. The. Charts.  Seriuosly.

~A Reiki session with my curandera sister and twinstar where I connected with a very surprising Guide who used a name I had never heard.  My leg floated around in the air inexplicably for 15 minutes like it had a mind of its own.

~I became a Reiki Master Teacher!  As my badass twinstar sister did the ceremony, I had visceral reactions and felt myself grow taller energetically, and more courageous.  I can’t really explain it, but Ima roll with it…

~Oh!  And, I got a rockin’ new haircut! YAY!

Each one was like reaching another level in my metaphysical, spiritual and energetic video game!  Before, maybe all of these magical gifts would have been lost on me, but I am ready to step into the next version of myself!

I’m mega morphing into my Higher Self, and I am not resisting!  I embrace it entirely.

It is sort of a lot to process, but I want to stay on this amazing roll and plan to:

~Honor the 21-day cleansing period that comes with any Reiki attunement by being kind and compassionate with good ol’ Me.
~Do a 10-day juice fast/cleanse to help the ol’ temple be at its tip-top finest.
~Connect more regularly to my unexpected Guide to help me as I expand.
~Continue expressing my gratitude like a mofo for this magical woo-woo adventure!

Also, I have outgrown LucidMusing.  I am Morphing as a person and as an entrepreneur, and cannot wait to unveil what that looks like in the upcoming weeks!!


Have you been shifting, growing, morphing lately?  What magic have you had in your life this Spring?  I’d love to hear about it below!!!

Louise Brooks in the Front, Quasimodo in the Back: The Important Lessons of a Bad Haircut

photo credit: thefoxling via photopin cc

photo credit: thefoxling via photopin cc

I rocked short hair for a few years, and when I got pregnant I decided to let it grow grow grow.  Last week, I got the “LET’S CHANGE THE ‘DO!” bug and decided to go and make take my locks from long-n-frumpy to short-n-funky, and thought I’d go to this kiosk with one dude to support a small non-fancy establishment.  I went in, explained what I wanted, even showed him a photo, PLUS let him know it was like the haircut displayed as art on the side of his kiosk.  He went out, had a gander and began.  As I looked at the photo of the model in his book, I was sooo giddy!  My dude and tiny human were at the park, and I salivated at walking out of the mini salon in slow-mo, flipping my hair and wowing all the passers-by.

The hair dude seemed to be picking up what I was laying down, and dove right in. About halfway through, I let him know that I didn’t need him to style it since my tiny dancer was outside and needed to have lunch soon…I could just fix it at home.  He said ok.  And kept on plugging away.  My husband walked by and I saw his refection in the mirror in front of me–homeboy was not smiling.

After an hour, I was finally finished!  He said, “I’m just going to blow dry it to make sure it’s all even” and so he did.  He then showed me the front, which was significantly shorter than what I had asked for, but whatever…that happens, and it looked tres Louise Brooks, which is not a bad thing according to this kid!  Then, as an afterthought he said, “here, let me show you the back,” and when he did, I felt this cold panic in my stomach: he had shaven me BALD all the way up to my ears! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

I was so stunned, I didn’t even know what to say…I just uttered, “Wow, you actually shaved the back of my neck completely instead of leaving short hair there?” and he said, “That’s what you asked for!”  REALLY?!  Cuz, nuh uh!!  I asked him how much I owed him, and it was double the amount listed on his price-list!  When I inquired as to why, he responded, “I blew out and styled your hair, and that’s extra.”  WHAT?!  Serenity now.  I walked out, red-faced, and my husband started laughing hysterically (he couldn’t help it, poor fellow!), while trying to be comforting.

At first, I’ll admit it–I got all water worksy and cried, asking why-oh-why had my dream haircut gone array? I was soooo mega looking forward to it, and ended up losing like a foot of hair length to end up looking like Sunny Bono circa 1966!

Once I settled down and was able to laugh sincerely at my new, uh, look, I realized how many valuable nuggets and takeaways this experience had provided! Here are some of the treasures I got:

1.)  There are seriously about 50 hair salons in this city, but something made me go there. It’s because that’s where my lessons awaited.

2.)  One motivator for going to that salon was the low price.  This is part of my whole money story, and issue with spending anything that feels “significant” on myself. I can afford to go to a better place than the hair kiosk, and deserve it!  I get a haircut maybe once per year, so I could’ve splurged.  Note: Continue working on relationship with money and spending it on myself.

3.)  The hair dude doubled the price because of the supposed blowout that I specified I did not want.  I know it was unfair and that I shouldn’t have paid it, but I avoided confrontation and just paid him.  Note:  Continue working on really owning my power and voicing my opinions!  I matter just as much as the next guy, and deserve to be defended, especially by ME!  (here’s to working on solar plexus and throat chakras, yo!)

4.)  I gotsta practice what I preach, walk my talk and lead by example, y’all!  How can I tell women they are beautiful no matter what they think is “wrong” about them if I’m having a breakdown because of my hair?  Don’t get me wrong, it is NO fun to look like I rode a time machine here from 1532!  But, instead of beating myself up and letting my ego and my vanity flare up, and then bombarding myself with negative and cynical self-sass talk,why not show some self-love and emphasize what I do have going for me?

5.)  If you want something, you have to go after it, even if you don’t look your best!  I wanted to enter a scholarship contest and had to do a video that same day to meet the deadline, and I almost didn’t do it!  WHAH?!  It was interesting to see the role that vanity/looks plays in my opinion of myself…still!  I knew it was now even more important to do that video to show myself that I was way more than my hair or my looks!  BOOM!  A few years ago, I would’ve abandoned ship on the video!

6.)  When I communicate, I must be absolutely certain that the person has indeed understood what it is I’m trying to express and ask for.  I *assumed* that my explanation was enough instead of seeing he looked a bit nervous and uncomfortable.  Asking questions and really clarifying, even if it can annoy the person, is a vital part of truly being understood. (Back to the throat chakra and not being afraid of annoying people or stepping on toes + remembering to never assume!)

7.)  When I stop focusing on the horrible haircut, I stop feeling bad. Sure I have to wear my turtleneck poncho for a few weeks as the neck hair grows out, but it’s worth the lessons learned!

So, there you have it!  Thanks to that man (to whom I send glitter bombs instead of EFF YOUS when I walk by), I was able to get laser clear on some areas I need to work on, and push myself to overcome some of the things that would’ve kept me stuck before!  BAD. ASS.  Thank you, hair dude!!

Have you had a bad experience that you’ve been able to turn into a gift?  What lessons did you learn?

Three Magic Steps to Inner Vibrance, Guest Post by Elise McDowell

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of coming across Elise McDowell’s Inner Vibrance Project, and was immediately hooked. Elise has such a beautiful and authentic energy about her that every time I read something on her website, I find myself smiling and feeling aaaaaaah….serene. I am so giddy to introduce her to those of you who have not entered her lovely world of vibrance, self-love and fun manifestation! Please support her with some comment and social media loooove, and make sure to visit her website :) YAY!

Three Magic Steps to Inner Vibrance
By: Elise McDowell


photo credit: martinak15 via photopin

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” – Steve Jobs

I want to share a little story with you about how I discovered and captured my inner vibrance.

This one little discovery changed the entire course of my life’s direction and is the reason I now do what I do – run a blog that teaches people how to be alive and vibrant.

Sensing Something Big

It was August 2009 and I was all set to venture off to Europe for a month with family and friends. This trip was a gift from my mother to me for my 21st birthday and one I will never forget.

As you can imagine, the excitement was almost unbearable! I was SO ready to leave New Zealand and get away from my life.

You see, life kinda sucked. I had a very mundane dead end job, nothing excited me except for weekends of binge drinking and I had just ended another dramatic love affair.

I was over it. Done. I couldn’t stand another second to be in that negative mind space and environment. It was time to vacate the premises!

But there was something about this trip to Europe. It gave me hope for something better. I didn’t know what but I felt like I was going to get something there.

The Magic Instilled

Europe taught me many things, some I am still trying to understand and some I am meant to share with others.

From a powerful spiritual awakening at St. Peters Cathedral in Rome to discovering how to be alone in love in Paris. My first lesson was learning that the only important thing is this very moment.

photo credit: TaylorMiles via photopin cc

photo credit: TaylorMiles via photopin cc

After all, I had pranced the unearthed city of Pompeii, rode the mystical canals of Venice and hunted for George Clooney’s house in Lake Como. I was high on life!

I feasted on real Italian pasta, ate mousse-like hot chocolate, drank wine for breakfast and discovered a new found love for mushrooms and olive oil. This was all ‘in the moment’ stuff!

Home, Sweet Home

Coming home was like tearing apart Jack and Rose in Titanic. I really didn’t want it to happen. But something was different and I knew I wouldn’t know what that was until I came home.

When I set foot back in New Zealand, I was a different woman.

I had that something I was talking about before my trip but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

On my return my friends set up a big celebration (any reason to drink!) and we hit the town with our flowy dresses and glitzy heels.

My friends kept telling me that there was something different about me and that they were so envious of my trip.

I remember feeling an incredible sense of love for everyone and everything and smiling ALL THE TIME.

We were in one of our favourite bars busting some fresh prince moves on the dance floor when a woman in her mid-forties walked up to me.

She has this strange look in her eyes (one I was not familiar with) and suddenly she blurted out “You are just.. SO.. Vibrant! I don’t know why but I had to come and talk to you!”.

I was floored and SO flattered. She asked me what my secret was and how I radiated such vibrance and that’s when I clicked. It’s vibrance! Inner vibrance!

The Secret Recipe

After that experience I dedicated my time and my life to figuring out what that secret recipe was that made me so vibrant. Because once you get a taste of that, you’ll never wanna go back!

I finally boiled it down into 3 steps.

Presence: It took flying to the other side of the world to realize that all you have is this very moment. You can never get those last 5 seconds back, but what you can do is start being in those last 5 seconds.

Be aware of what’s around you and only that. Care about what’s right in front of you rather than what’s happening tomorrow.

How many times have you been on your computer nutting something out when your partner, friend or family member asks you something and you barely muster an answer and with a monotone voice. Or worse, you snap at them?

You can’t get that moment back. So work to being in the moments and not lost in translation.

Perspective: Is walking up Mt. Vesuvius hard and a waste of time or a rewarding experience? Is your job a soul-sucking abyss or a place where you get to show off your strengths and be rewarded cash every week?

It’s all a matter of perspective.

I changed my perspective in Europe. Rather than whining about how much walking we were doing (which I would absolutely do anywhere else) or throwing a tantrum because the train was delayed (again, something I would do) I saw it as a new and interesting way to experience life.

How can you change your perspective about something that frustrates you in your life? What’s on the other side of the coin?

Action: Nothing drives you forward into the positive and fulfilling like taking action.

I took action 100% in Europe (even though some of the time I really didn’t want to). But because of that, I was rewarded with an amazing experience or discovery.

So how can you take action in your life towards inner vibrance today?

You could start today instead of tomorrow, decide that you’re going to notice 3 positive things on the way to work or university in the morning or start planning that dream holiday.

Through persistent presence to life you will become uber focused, and that naturally helps you shift your perspective because you have no ‘big problems’ to worry about. That in turn allows you to propel forward in action taking methods that make you become VIBRANT.


Elise McDowell is a Manifesting Coach and Author of The Inner Vibrance SecretsBorn

elise-the-inner-vibrance-projectand raised in New Zealand she has an

INSANE passion for traveling and after the

experience she had in Europe, she now

scouts the world for inspirational wisdom to

teach her followers.  

Visit her at http://www.elisemcdowell.com

Enhancing Your Outer Beauty = The Gateway Drug to Deep Self-Realization!

photo credit: inesplicabile via photopin cc

photo credit: inesplicabile via photopin cc

I know firsthand the impact that finally, *finally* feeling unugly can have on your life.  There is such an emphasis on beauty and makeup and weight-loss and perfection, that feeling beautiful can seem unattainable.  When I felt this way, it kept me frozen in all areas of my life.

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, I have found that learning to love the way we look is a super-duper giant first-step to increasing overall confidence and badassness for going after what we want in life.  To me, inner and outer beauty are intertwined.  So when we can learn to love one, that love seeps over and into the other, and brings mind-blowingly WOW changes all over the place.  If someone is really ready and committed to showing up in life and embarking on a technicolor self-realization journey, starting with the outside–with appearance–is actually the way to go in my experience.  Before you roll your eyes, tee hee, please hear me on out :)

photo credit: Gabriela Camerotti via photopin cc

photo credit: Gabriela Camerotti via photopin cc

Here goes:

Imagine a women with very little confidence in herself named, uuuh, Petra.  When you pass her in the halls, she’s looking down, her shoulders are hunched and it’s like her heart chakra is closed off for protection.  When you say, “Hi Petra!”, she looks up and smiles, but is almost startled that you have seen her.  It’s obvious that she doesn’t spend time getting ready in the morning at all; in fact she seems to do everything she can to exist only in the shadows.  Her demeanor matches her appearance.  Though Petra is mega intelligent and good at what she does, she turns red when anyone asks her a question in a meeting and often backs down when she’s challenged.  

You know that annoying-ass negative chatter that can bombard our minds, telling us how dumb or ugly or stupid or unloveable or inadequate we are?  Well, Petra hears it all day long, and doesn’t realize she doesn’t have to pay attention to it.  She hears that voice telling her stuff like, “Why were you so stupid at that meeting yesterday?  No wonder nobody takes you seriously!”  And when she goes to the bathroom to get ready in the morning, she looks at herself and hears, “Wow, you are sooo frumpy and unattractive! Look at that muffin top on you!  And your hair is so limp…and…and…and…”   The negative chatter becomes what she believes to be true about herself.

If Petra becomes my client, we will focus on her thoughts and shifting them, of course, and I can tell her to write a list of her accomplishments, and recommend she start writing in a gratitude journal as homework to begin focusing on what she *does* have going for her in her life.  I know all of these and other confidence-building activities are effective over time.  However, when she looks in the mirror, she will still be seeing the same things, which serve as triggers.  Her brain has nothing visual to help create a shift in her thought patterns.  Petra’s thoughts may be shifting, and she may be starting to see the beauty in her life, and gaining more self-awareness, etc., but if we do an actual quick-n-perdy makeover, we are working together to give her visual, immediate proof that things can change.  That things can be different.  That she can feel and live differently.  You feel me?  If I can help Petra tap into her beauty in a superficial way, she will see that it exists, and it can be a HUGE first step toward overall confidence.

After a very simple makeover, a women’s posture changes, opening up her heart chakra.  Her head is up, and she smiles as she looks at herself in the mirror, totally blown away by what she sees.  It’s like a kick-start for other areas in life.  And, once the woman sees that she can *look* beautiful, it makes her begin to *feel* beautiful and *act* beautiful and *think* beautiful.  It eventually creates more beauty around her, which continues to fuel her confidence.  Suddenly, there’s room for POSSIBILITY!

When our inner and outer beauty are in alignment, they are able to work together with synergy to give us the confidence and courage we need to create the life we want.  What I mega ADORE about starting from the outside and working my way inward is that there’s an element of fun and surprise.  It provides some instant gratification and immediate visual results that can serve as very valuable motivation.

I’m definitely not saying to hide behind makeup and clothes and the media’s definitions of beauty…beautification as an unhealthy obsession can actually be like a mask we hide behind to protect ourselves.  The point of the magical makeover is not achieving conventional perfection or making elaborate changes that don’t feel authentic to the makeoveree.  The point is to give the eyes and brain evidence that change is possible…that feeling good when we look in the mirror is possible…that new habits like self-care are possible.  Putting on some makeup and clothes that feel like an authentic expression of how effing MONEY you are is a solid first step toward deep self-love.  It’s like the gateway drug to more intense inner self-realization, if you will.

And, the irony is, you eventually start feeling your inner beauty and the better you  feel about it, the more you radiate, and the less time you spend primping and fussing over your outer appearance.  FULL CIRCLE!

Have you ever felt the immediate effects of getting dolled up before going out somewhere?  Have you noticed that it can actually change your mood and energy when you like the way you look?


Are You Afraid to Highlight/Express Your Unique Beauty?

I’ve been doing makeovers and helping people see how effing WOW they are since I was a wee little one…it has always made me giddy!  In the past, it allowed me to live vicariously through that person as I watched them morph into a more razzle-dazzle and authentic version of themselves, and I also intensely savored the, “WOW!  I had no idea I could look like this” moment (still do!).  It’s quite a delic’ unveiling.

photo credit: Frederic Poirot via photopin cc

photo credit: Frederic Poirot via photopin cc

I remember during a slumber party in high school, I did a makeover on a friend and she was completely blown away by how she looked.  All I did was help her express her beauty, but it was powerful.  She kept going back to the mirror in amazement, and everyone else was excited about her excitement, and she was being bombarded with compliments.  The reason the change was so dramatic is because she made below-zero effort to enhance what she had going for her, which was a lot!

I told her how easy it was to do what I had just done, and that it would take her 10 minutes extra in the morning to give her makeup and hair a little pizzazz (it was the 90s, so the hair was definitely NOT au naturel!!) I explained that doing this really reflected her personality.  She was happy-go-lucky, intelligent, hilarious, unique, kind, and fun to be around, however, her, what we now call, mommy jeans + over-sized sweatshirts and keds did not even hint at any of that…  especially since we were 16!

She pulled me aside and said, “Thank you, but I can’t go to school like this!  People will notice I’ve done something different or think I have changed..and then they’ll expect me to do it all the time!  Or worse, what if I show up like this and people *still* think I’m ugly?  I’d rather stay invisible!  This isn’t me…”  

Back then, I felt disappointed that she didn’t want to strut her lovely stuff in all of its glory!  In a way, maybe high-school me was offended or frustrated that she had some new tools to light up and feel so much more confident, but had decided to stay the same instead.  Alas, it reminded me of myself…

Thinking about this now, I understand a few things more clearly about my makeover-refusing friend:

1.)  She was close to her family and they were all very conservative and salt-of-the-earth folk that knocked “fussing” over physical appearance.  She didn’t want to betray or disappoint her clan.

2.)  Change is difficult, even if it makes you feel oodles better!  It’s much more comfortable to stick to what we know, and do things that elicit the same responses we’ve always gotten from others.

3.)  She was one of the “smart kids” and in all of the AP classes, and perhaps brains and beauty were mutually exclusive in her belief system.  She didn’t know she could be a triple threat!!  Brains, personality and beauty!

4.)  Shining can be scary.  She got so many accolades and verbal flowers from everyone at the party that it made her feel *too* visible.  Being seen makes us feel more vulnerable to judgement.

5.)  We’re afraid of people’s expectations and letting them down.  She thought that if she put a little effort into her appearance, she would never be able to have an unmade-up day again.

6.)  When others can really see you, they are more likely to have an opinion about you.  This possibility terrified her.  It’s easier to be criticized when we know we haven’t tried than when we know we’ve made some sort of effort.

7.)  We all have a set of beliefs and ideas about ourselves and others that are hard to shake.  To her, enhancing her outer appearance meant altering who she was, or losing part of her identity.

photo credit: Mitya Kuznetsov via photopin cc

photo credit: Mitya Kuznetsov via photopin cc

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Today I would tell her that it’s ok to be your most WOW self, and enhance everything you have working  in your favor.  I would tell her that people care much less than our angsty teenaged minds tell us they do.  I would tell her that being invisible isn’t “safe” or comfy cozy in the long-run…it leads to sadness, despair, frustration, lack of confidence to really LIVE life like you mean it, and go after your burning desires.  It traps you in a cycle of needing approval, and thinking you’re not {insert ANY positive word here} enough.  It’s our duty to honor our physical beauty so we can shine and rock what we’re here to rock, ya dig?  (Actually, I would tell Eyenie circa ’92 the same things!)

Are you keeping parts of yourself from shining?  Do you feel safer hiding out than enhancing your goods for all the world to see?  What can you do today to highlight your unique exquisiteness?!  I’d love to hear your thoughts!! :)

Life-Makeover, Self-Rediscovery & Tasting Rainbows: Interview with the Classy & Punk-Rock LaMuff!

Happy Friday Fun Day!  Boy, do I ever have a mega razzle-dazzle rainbow-colored treat for y’all today!


A few years ago I landed in LAX with $246.00 and nowhere to stay, ready to make Los Angeles my new home.  After a friend of a friend of a friend let me stay with her for a couple of weeks, I hit Craig’s List to try to find an inexpensive living solution before wearing out my welcome, and stumbled upon a dog-sitting-in-exchange-for-free-rent announcement and got the gig.

Thanks to said gig, for three weeks, I had the pleasure of being roommies, and becoming friends with a magical dame named Monica (now known as LaMuff) who I saw as like my cool and zany Los Angeles fairy godmother.  I observed the way she lived life having fun, enveloping herself in music, like-minded people, beautiful food, adventure and creativity and it really inspired me like nobody’s business.

Over the years, her life has evolved and become, dare I say, even more impressive, magical and awe-inspiring!  To me, this cool girl is the embodiment of potently enjoying life unapologetically, creating space for your passion,  and electrically being in the moment.  After the release of her recent album, I asked if I could include her kick-ass video “Gold Lamé” in a Friday Fun Day post (check it out!).  I got so excited about the video and what it symbolizes for me, that I requested an interview with her Glitzy Majesty and sent her some questions.  What she did in response to my questions seriously BLEW MY EFFING MIND!  She took an ordinary ol’ interview and bedazzled it like a mofo!  

Below are the questions I sent La Muff followed by her neon badass video response.  

  1. Tell us about your alter-ego LaMuff, and how she was born.
  2. How would you describe the life you have created for yourself?
  3. Can you describe a time when you felt less than stellar and your confidence was low?  How did you get past that?
  4. What’s your definition of happiness? Of abundance?
  5. I’m all about razzle-dazzle…How do you add it to your daily life?
  6. How would you describe your style?
  7. What advice can you give other women about going after their dreams and living a razzle-dazzle life?
  8. Anything else you want to add?

Without further ado, I’m giddy with butterflies to present to you LaMuff’s freestyle video biopic/essay!!!

WOW, right?!  I am so proud to call Monica/LaMuff my friend, and hope this inspired you as much as it did me.  LaMuff discovered her passion for performance and has made it part of her life… To use her phrase, she is “tasting [her] rainbow”, tee hee, and the results are pretty amazing.

You can explore LaMuff’s glimmering universe of wit, whimsy, humor and catchy melodies at http:www.lamuff.com and cheer on her badassness by purchasing any of her songs on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, or pretty much anywhere else!!  Also stop by and give her a well-deserved facebook Like http://www.facebook.com/LaLaMuff

What area of your life could use a makeover?  What’s your rainbow?  Have you ever tried to chase it?  Taste it?  Please share below! 

The LucidMusing Code of Razzle-Dazzle Honor

Ok, so I’ve been thinking a lot about things I stand for, the recurring themes and magical nuggets I offer to my clients, friends and family when they are faced with changes or difficult situations, and just some things that give me butterflies in my stomach!  YEAH!  I’ve decided to make it my code of honor of sorts, and I’d love to share it with you and see if any of these tickle your fancy!!


{AKA, The Magical Unicorn Code of Honor}

Unicorn from: http://s272.beta.photobucket.com/user/Lil_Sis_With_A_Capital_L/media/art%20art/unicorn29.jpg.html

  • Allow yourself space and time to muse and daydream…but then take lucid action!
  • Own your uniqueness, while being part of and living in Oneness.
  • Add pizzazz and razzle-dazzle to everything you can every live-long day!
  • Create moments of dreaminess on purpose
  • Be your own Muse
  • Live and act from a space of LOVE and not FEAR
  • Proactively create your own Xanadu
  • Use glitter, sparkles, sequince, neon colors or anything that makes you giddy whenever possible.
  • Be your own Dream-catcher
  • Wave your freak flag oh-so proudly!
  • Feel, act, live, breathe, think, speak, telepath, send, connect with, wish, celebrate, explore, embrace, expand BEAUTY in and around you!
  • Live in Technicolor!
  • Find fun!
  • Remember to find the Treasure carefully tucked away in every experience.
  • Avoid judging–send glitter bombs of love instead!
  • Keep The Four Agreements on your mental desktop at all times and apply them as much as possible.
  • Honor your unique exquisiteness.
  • Personal Soul Style is a reflection of your essence…it matters.
  • Remember:  You matter.  You are enough.  It’s not too late.
  • Spend time on your WANTS, not just on your SHOULDS
  • Keep your Inner Compass Aligned at all times.
  • No matter how yucky things may be at a particular moment, there is always ALWAYS something to be grateful for.
It is a work-in-progress, but I’m so giddy about it!  Please let me know some of yours, ok?  And feel free to use any of these to make your life feel neon-WOW!

Want to Feel WOW?! Meet Your Inner Compass…

Hi there!  I’m your Inner Compass!  

© Copyright 2012 LucidMusing

When I’m calibrated, you are one mega happy and peaceful camper!  When I’m not….ay ay ay…  I’ll let Eyenie explain…

Thanks Compass!  Well, the Inner Compass can be life-changing once we know it exists.   it is your friend.

It is so easy to get caught up in one “role” or area of your life, and totally neglect others.  A classic example is new mothers whose every minute revolves around their baby.  They spend so much time taking care of the baby + doing everything they “should” be doing when they have any spare time, that they literally forget about *their* needs.  (Guilty as charged, your honor…but, I changed my tune!)

I created this nifty graphic to highlight some general, but very important areas of life that must not be neglected because when they are, we end up feeling stressed ooout, depressed, angry, frustrated, even lonely.  And who wants that, huh?  Seriously.  However, when we acknowledge that these areas exist and need attention–even with little things that don’t take much time–our Inner Compass becomes more calibrated, or aligned and helps create more balance in our daily lives.

It’s broken down into 4 directions, if you will:  N, S, E and W.  These are:  Navigating Blissfully, Self-Care & Serenity, Enjoyment & Excitement , Work & Willpower.   Based on my own experience, and what I have worked with my clients on, often the neglected directions are S and E.  When this is the case, it’s virtually impossible to be headed N, which is where we want to be!

Lately, I’ve been in Work & Willpower mode, but am making an effort to spend more time on Enjoyment & Excitement since the theme of my 2013 is FUN!  Some of the things I’ve been doing to fill up my E & E and Navigate {more} Blissfully is more spontaneous dancing, spending quality time playing with my tiny dancer without thinking about work stuff, having date nights with my dude and even painting my nails.  Mmmhmmm.

What areas of your Inner Compass are you neglecting a bit?  What lovely things can you sprinkle into your life to help you achieve Navigating Blissfully???!

A FABLib Pep Talk Just for You, Cool One!

Let’s face it, we all need a pep talk every now and then, so here is one you can customize juuust for you! Remember those kah-razy Mad Libs from the 80s where you’d fill in blanks in sentences to create hilarious and kooky phrases or stories in the end?  Well, I’ve created the Mad Libs style-inspired FABLib so that you can fill in whatever it is you need/want/desire to put some pep in that step of yours on this fine Wednesday!

So, take a deep breath, smile, and rock and roll!!!

Let’s get started:

Are you kidding me?  Ok, seriously? YOU feel [unflattering/negative adjective or noun] ? Excuse me for laughing, but I’m sort of in shock right now! Do you know how very [positive adjective] you are? No, really! YES!!..  You!  … Why would I lie about this?  You are just so [incredibly positive adjective]!!! Look at your amazing [body part] and your [body part] that just won’t quit!  And that smile of yours…it could light up [a big building or room or theater].  And that’s just the Looks Department dazzler!  Have I ever told you what an amazing and inspiring [noun with positive connotation] you are?  The way you [verb with positive connotation] is something I’ve never ever experienced before. I can tell you love doing it, and your love and passion is contagious!  Something else I love about you is how you just oooze happiness when you [activity you LOVE].  It’s so selfless and lovely. So, you know how you wanted to [thing you want to accomplish in the near future]?  Well, I BELIEVE IN YOU!  You are going to knock everybody’s [article of clothing] off and leave’em wanting more!!!!  I’m so incredibly exited for you!!!  It sort of reminds me of [insert a song or movie that really makes you giddy!!]  Soooo cool. Here’s to your MEGA AMAZINGNESS in all its neon glory!!!!!

(Now go and read this to yourself in the mirror!!!!!)  HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!! 

Ooh, and feel free to share your kookiest or neato-est phrase in the comments below!  YAY!