From “LucidMusing” to “Technicolor Priestess”: All Up in My Power!

About two years ago, I embarked on the solopreneur journey, and grabbed my cojones and built a website and a business called LucidMusing.  

Upon finishing my life coaching certification, I heard and read that it can take about 1.5 – 2 years to really *really* know yourself as a business owner, your true offerings, your ideal clients, and where you’re headed.  I was soooo effing eager to just hit the ground running and coach like nobody’s business that I thought that amount of time would feel like an eternity!!!!!!!  Also, I thought I had everything figured out already, and that I’d just cannonball myself into the magical pool of coaching and having an online business without having to tweak or adjust along the way.

Oh, how wrong I was.  It was more like a belly-flop.

Fast-forward to now.  Looking back, I realize I changed my focus/target market/niche and website about six times!!  As a new coach, my heart fluttered at the thought of helping women with personal style and beauty, but I fell into old patterns of what I “should” do, and since I had just had a baby, decided to coach new moms on making self-care a priority.  This was definitely not my thang, and after a few revelations, I decided I would coach expat women to help them prepare to move abroad, or to feel “at home anywhere in the world.”  Sort of a Carmen Sandiego feel.  This, too, was what I thought I “should” do since I am an expat.

Thank the Kosmos, I got some AMAZING help from some amazing, kick-ass, glorious, WOW coaches to get to this point…I am so profoundly grateful to you dames!!!

All this morphing and transforming was perfect…it simply brought me right back to what I LOVE to do:  help women see how effing beautiful they can look and feel!  To teach women how to use style as an expression of their soul and essence!  HOORAH!  Full-circle.

So, today, I declare the end of LucidMusing and my role as a Human Highlighter who helps Unicorns Believe in Themselves. 

and the beginning of

Technicolor Priestess!!!  The new age of Eyenie Schultz stepping into her power, shaking up the glow sticks, and radiating like a mofo as a SoulStyle Coach is here.  I help women LOVE HOW THEY LOOK.  FEEL CONFIDENT.  GO AFTER WHAT THEY WANT.



photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc

photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc


There is so much WOW on this new adventure, and I am beyond giddy and all chock-full of butterflies that you’re coming along for the glittery ride!! YAY!  My new website’s about to drop, y’all, so pretty please be sure to sign up to be among the first to know when it’s up and running and ready to dazzle!!!  You can expect the same kookiness, overuse of exclamation points!!!!!, unicorn references and glitter bombs (and of course, oodles of tools, tricks, tips, love and revelations)…only infused with NEON!!!!!!!!!!!!  And much more laser-focused and clear.

Join me if you want to start living your Technicolor Priestess by learning how to express your SoulStyle, proactively find fun, and live in NEON!

LucidMusing–I am so very grateful to have experienced you and your magic!  It is with you that I met some amazing people from around the world who I now call friends and even mentors.  With you, I felt the excitement of getting my first comment and being asked to do my first guest blog.  You helped me put myself out there, hop on out into the spotlight and start speaking my truth.  And thanks to all of this, I am ready for the next episode!!!

So, Dazzler, if you’re already on my list, know you will be getting updates, newsletters and my latest posts even if you don’t sign up for my new site. If you are ready to join my magical world of SoulStyle, razzle-dazzle and pizzazz, please be sure to sign up here!!!

See you on the flip-side in the world of TECHNICOLOR PRIESTESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Channel Your Style She/Heroes For Courage!!

photo from:

I have always loved dressing up and pretending to be someone else, or taking on other characteristics that were, well, out of character for me.  

It started with my grandmother’s amazing wardrobe (sadly, I grew out of her shoes when I was only 8!  She was petite…I am not ;) )  There was always something so empowering about taking on another personality…like it made me feel more gutsy, and gave me extra moxie!  In middle school, I was meeega shy and self-conscious and felt like too much of a freak to talk to dreamy boys face-to-face.  My solution?  Prank calls!  I would create a completely new and different identity for myself, call these fellows, and go to town!  Being “someone else” made me bolder!!  And I was hooked!!

Today, I use this tool in a much healthier way!  When I’m feeling off my game, or am about to do something extra challenging, I think of someone who I feel would rock the eff out of the task that is causing me angst, and tap into their particular asset/strength/trait.  Part of this for me is wearing something I think this person would wear; it gives me that extra oomph in whatever area I need.  And let’s be honest, we are all complex beings with a kaleidescope of traits and characteristics….

Tapping into someone is really just a way to tease out and highlight part or yourself that is tucked away somewhere.

Here’s a video I did on one of my all-time favorite style icons, Luisa Casati, “La Contessa di Casteliogne”.  She was an eccentric socialite famous for her wiiild fashions and exotic pets, and her fearlessness really gets me–I adore tapping into it when I need a kick in the arse. She was unapologetically herself, and was soooo comfortable and delighted by her existence, it is beautiful!  She defied conventional beauty and just LIVED IN NEON!!

I tap into La Contessa when I want to feel BOLD, AUDACIOUS, CONFIDENT, FEARLESS, CREATIVE…



Who are some of your style icons?  Some of your she/heroes who inspire you?  Who can you tap into to bring out more of something in yourself?!

What Do You Convey With Your Style?

As some of you may remember from previous posts, I’m a big huge fan of style as a visual expression of the soul and essence. Discovering/uncovering/finding your style is like reinforcing, strengthening, providing another outlet for your voice(s), and it is really a kick in the pantaloons.  

Style, especially SoulStyle as I like to call it is something I never get sick of! It actually keeps me connected to my Higher Self, my feelings and my desires.

We are constantly evolving and changing and morphing, even on a day-to-day basis!  That’s why it’s important to have another way to express and communicate that visually–even to yourself! Some days, You are a strong, kick-ass, no-nonsense businesswoman with a penchant for exotic accessories. BOOM! Others, you are a femme fatale with a vampire heart and a profound need to express the passion in your heart. BAM! Style allows us to not only embody how and what we want to feel, but also how and what we want to create and attract into our lives.

I did this short-n-fun video for the wonderful 30 Day Video Challenge with Amethyst Mahoney (which I highly recommend!!) and thought it would be cool to share!!  I couldn’t keep my style to just 3 words though, tee hee…


What does your style communicate/convey/express to the world? How would you describe your style in 3 words (ish!) Are you expressing your essence through your SoulStyle? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

P.S.  If you are interested in tapping into YOUR very own SoulStyle, send me a quick message to set up a FREE 45-minute “Breakthrough to YOUR Beauty” discovery session where we’ll:

-Laser in on what is keeping you stuck and holding you back from going after the stuff you desire (FUN, adventure, the love of your life, {insert yours here} )
-Get clear on what it is you DO want in your life
-Create some action steps you can take to finally start feeling, living, acting BEAUTIFUL NOW!

7 Confidence-Depleting Thoughts & How to Vaporize Them!

Ok, so first of all, I want to openly confess that Mercury in Retrograde in all of its purifying and “let’s get on in there into the emotional muck” glory has been kicking my arse…but in a wonderful way!

photo credit: lobotomized via photopin <a href="

photo credit: lobotomized via photopin

Oodles of stuff that I had previously dealt with/forgiven/addressed/cleared/moved past, etc. has been floating on up and swimming all around me, and bringing up some old yucky confidence-depleting thoughts I used to have regularly back in the day.  Though these old-time enemies are back, I’m profoundly grateful for the tools I have to get’em to step the eff off! 

The thoughts we choose to have (and yes, we definitely select what hangs out in our noggin, and what doesn’t…) create our moods, feelings, emotions, and ultimately, our reality.

That’s HUGE!  So if you’r experiencing these yucky thought flare ups like I have been lately, remember to:

1.  Stop…drop…and roll!  Don’t let yourself get caught up in the negative spiral of the thought, but do acknowledge it’s there.

2.  Notice how it makes you feel, and give it a moment to hang out so you can catch it with a mental net and clearly say it aloud or write it down (the sneaky little bugger may be coming up more frequently than you think, so having it cataloged can be helpful.

3.  Find a new thought to replace it–one that makes you feel good, expansive, optimistic, centered.  Just make sure you believe it!

4.  When the negative thought comes up again, simply shift your focus to your bright-n-shiny feel-good thought and repeat it a few times.

Here are some Confidence Depleters that have been coming up for me lately, and some yummy/fluffy counter-thoughts that feel good to me…Feel free to use them as they are, tweak them until they resonate, or use them as inspiration!

1. YUCK:  ”I am so behind!  Look at all these amazing entrepreneurs doing their thing….they are so far ahead of me!”
YUM:  ”I am exactly where I’m supposed to be!  And I am grateful for {insert list of 5 – 10 things that are positive in your life!}”

2.  YUCK:  ”I’m too old!  I should have started this 10 years ago!”
YUM:  ”It is never too late to become what you might have been!”  ~George Eliot
YUM 2:  ”You have all the time in the world!” ~Inspired by Louis Armstrong

3.  YUCK:  “I don’t have enough money!  I can’t buy what I want!  It’s so frustrating!”
YUM:  ”I have all the money I need at all times!  I am surrounded by abundance, like {insert things that make you feel abundant}!”

4.  YUCK:  ”I have gained weight!  I loo bloated and gross!”
YUM:  ”I am strong, healthy and grateful for all the things that make me uniquely beautiful!”
YUM 2:  “I love my {insert something about your physical appearance that you love or at least kinda dig}!”

5.  YUCK:  “I am such a loser!  I have no idea what I’m doing!”
YUM:  ”I am a FIERECE & FEARLESS {Goddess/woman/entrepreneur/leader/badass/priestess}!”


photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc

photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc


6.  YUCK:  ”Nobody wants what I offer!  Who would pay money for what I do?”
YUM:  “I have SO much to offer!  I have exactly what my ideal clients need!”

7.  YUCK:  ”I have no energy.  I’m not inspired.  I’m not motivated.”
YUM:  ”I am giddy and excited for my day!  I am so grateful for everything that’s coming my way!  I am open to having an amazing day!”

What are some of your tried-and-true affirmations?  How do you vaporize any negative thought flare ups?

The Mile-High City + Morphing Into My Higher Self

Things have been brewing and growing and expanding and evolving rapidly lately…


I just returned from a 21-day trip to see my kooky and amazing family in Denver, and it was unlike any of my previous visits over the past 10 years.  

This time it was extra special energetically.  I have been “working on myself” for years now, and was giddy to see how my reactions, expectations, thoughts and actions have totally shifted!

One of my major causes of stress before entering the world of self-realization was having these crazy expectations of my mother and sisters, and giving guilt trips to “shame” them into doing things I thought they needed to do, as if I was some sort of existence authority.  I cannot express my profound gratitude for not having this messed-up shiz going on on my noggin anymore!!  Being with them has always been fun and like an adventure (my family is chock-full of creative, quirky, hilarious rebels, so adventure is never far…)

This time, the fun and adventure was still there, but it was totally clean and clear and translucent.

Free from judgment and expectations.  Free of guilt and shame and all that yucky jazz.  We even noticed some kinks and blocks, and worked together to clear and re-pattern to improve our relationship even more.  Delicious.  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing and feeling peace and openness within yourself and with your family, yo.  Siiiiiiigh….

During my magic voyage, I also had some pretty intense, mind-blowing experiences!  


photo credit: lobotomized via photopin <a href="

photo credit: lobotomized via photopin

Some highlights:

~A spontaneous “gazing” session with Braco (pronounced “Braht-zoh”).  I had never heard of him until a friend of my sister’s called to tell her that there was someone to see in Boulder that we could not miss.  I cried, I vibrated, I saw him shapeshift–he was a boy, a strong man, an elderly woman, your favorite aunt who cooks you amazing hearty meals.  I can’t explain it.  Pretty wow.

~My curandera sister and twin star helped me become a Reiki Master Teacher, and with it comes a 21-day cleansing period.  It has been 10 days, and the clarity and expansiveness I am living are indescribable.

~A one-hour BodyTalk session where I learned of my past lives to help me heal, relationships I need to shift, techniques and modalities I can used to more effectively help my clients….  Off. The. Charts.  Seriuosly.

~A Reiki session with my curandera sister and twinstar where I connected with a very surprising Guide who used a name I had never heard.  My leg floated around in the air inexplicably for 15 minutes like it had a mind of its own.

~I became a Reiki Master Teacher!  As my badass twinstar sister did the ceremony, I had visceral reactions and felt myself grow taller energetically, and more courageous.  I can’t really explain it, but Ima roll with it…

~Oh!  And, I got a rockin’ new haircut! YAY!

Each one was like reaching another level in my metaphysical, spiritual and energetic video game!  Before, maybe all of these magical gifts would have been lost on me, but I am ready to step into the next version of myself!

I’m mega morphing into my Higher Self, and I am not resisting!  I embrace it entirely.

It is sort of a lot to process, but I want to stay on this amazing roll and plan to:

~Honor the 21-day cleansing period that comes with any Reiki attunement by being kind and compassionate with good ol’ Me.
~Do a 10-day juice fast/cleanse to help the ol’ temple be at its tip-top finest.
~Connect more regularly to my unexpected Guide to help me as I expand.
~Continue expressing my gratitude like a mofo for this magical woo-woo adventure!

Also, I have outgrown LucidMusing.  I am Morphing as a person and as an entrepreneur, and cannot wait to unveil what that looks like in the upcoming weeks!!


Have you been shifting, growing, morphing lately?  What magic have you had in your life this Spring?  I’d love to hear about it below!!!

“Beautiful Badass Who Is A Goddess”: Interview with Christina Dunbar

Today is a MEGA special day…a celebration in badassery!!

My cup of giddiness, gratitude, feeling honored and excitement runneth over like nobody’s business.

I am beyond honored to present an interview with an amazing woman who I have been following and whose work has been fueling me up with emotional, spiritual and creative gasolina!!  Her sincerity, frankness, style and overall WOWness never cease to amaze me!

Without futher ado, please enjoy this kick-ass interview with Poetress, Performing Speaker, Catalyst for Badassery…Christina Dunbar!!!!


Eyenie:  You are an inspiring, hilarious, clever and smokin’ Catalyst of Badassery, and the language you use, and how you address your readers is so unique and FUN…but profound at the same time!  (Man, you really are a badass!)  Can you talk a little bit about what this amazing title entails, and how you help women achieve badassery?  What does this achievement “look like”/feel?

Christina:  Thank you so much, Eyenie, for your AMAZING questions. Love your brand and what you’re up to, lady!

So for me, badassery is about owning ALL the parts of ourselves as women; the sexual AND spiritual, the fierce AND kind, the shadow AND Light. Badassery is about honoring that we as women are not one thing, or one way, or one note. Badassery is about visibility; it’s about owning our right to take up space on this planet and be seen and heard. Badassery is about trusting our intuition. Badassery is for people who feel weird, wrong, and wild.

Badassery is permission to be you.

I love to be the catalyst for women to feel that freedom in their skin to be themselves. No apology. No holding back. Specifically, I work with women in their brands and businesses to find the places they are hiding out. Together we pinpoint the message, mission, and magic of the brand. We get clear on their voice and how they want to be seen. Because of my writing BG, I am able to create phrases and website copy that fully express my client’s unique voice so their brand stands out.

Right now, I am also working on a new service where we create major visibility uplevel for women through new website copy AND amazing video and photographs. I am soooooooo stoked for this because it is TRUE visibility.

Eyenie:  All signs I have seen on your site, and in doing one of your programs point to, “Christina’s life is pretty kick-ass!”  Can you tell us a little bit about a time in your life when things weren’t so kick-ass, and how you got to where you are today?

Christina:  OMG, yes! I love to talk about on-line, airbrushed BS. Because while I LOVE to make my brand look pretty—like art—I definitely have my ugly moments. Recently, I wrote a blog post series about my sexual shame. For a loooooooong time, I was stuck in the “Good Girl” box. I was sensitive, I was quiet, I was emotional, I felt… wrong. I used to be so scared to speak up that my hands would shake. I used to feel so ashamed of my sexuality that I felt gross and literally had manifested pain in my ovaries from the shame. I used to doubt my artsy self so much, that I toned down my “performer” self in order to blend in.

After my dad (who was my best friend) passed away, I took myself on a healing journey (a journey that I deepen into each day) and I began to really look at WHY I was hiding so much. I was hiding from my dreams. I was hiding from my purpose. I was hiding from the spotlight. It was on this journey that I birthed my artist-preneur self. There were a lot of shadow parts that I had to bring in. There was a lot of shadow emotion that I felt—grief and anger—but it was through that emotion that I was able to honor all of me. And release old pains. I now get that women are emotional creatures and it’s only when we don’t understand how to honor our emotions in a healthy way that it becomes dangerous.

Cuz emotion? Is just energy in motion.



Eyenie:  I am a firm believer in using style as a tool to express our soul and essence.  How would you describe your Soul Style?  How has it evolved over the years to reflect different phases in your evolution?  Is style important to you?  

Christina:  Style is major to me. It’s one of the ways I freak my truth and get to be creative. The clothes you wear and the words you speak are big representations of your brand. They are a part of your unique self-expression and visibility (all things I love to work with women on) and so I love this topic.

For me, I just claimed that I want to be more Goddess Hip-Hop in my style. I like the long flowy dresses, but then I also like chunky jewelry and funky looks. I’m having so much fun with wardrobe now and am obsessed with shoes.

Again, when I was hiding out… I used to hide in my clothes too.

So I wouldn’t wear a certain dress to a “biz” event. I was very cautious with how I was perceived. Now, I’m all “get me the red lipstick and red sexy shoes” and I’m good to go.

Eyenie:  One of my favorite things about your site are your Alter SheEgo(s)!  You recently did a post about the three words that changed your life: “NOT ONE THING”.  Could you tell us a bit about these Alter SheEgo(s) and how they can help us really accept and love our shadow selves?

Christina:  “Not one thing” is the most FREEING principle if you truly get it. It means we can be both angry and kind.

We can be both sexy and motherly. It means we can take the parts of us that we resist and integrate them so we are whole.

Whenever I start to think in either/or, whenever I judge shadow parts, whenever someone acts “out of character”… I remember… we are not one thing. And my Alter SheEgo’s are fun representatives of that mantra. I have Ditzy Deena, Badass Tina, Calm Cool Chris and tons more characters that are parts of all of me.

Eyenie:  This one goes out to Christina the Poetress….  Say you are standing on stage at a club and you know that one very WOW woman in the audience *needs* some powerful, magical, loving ass-kicking words to really switch to ON and start living life more fully.  Can you give us some of your flow…a verbal riff… some slam love pretty please?  GO!

Christina:  First, love you for this Q.

Second, let me share a piece from a poem that is perfect for this set-up….

I see a beautiful badass who is a Goddess

Long red dress

Painted red lips

All sex AND soul

She’s ready to rock n’ roll

Shake up the world

As she heals the wounds of

I am ugly

I am wrong

I am dirty

I am shame

So tired of the guilt and blame

For being Eve and sin

You can’t lose to win

I’m calling…


On society’s rules for us

And asking you

To freak your truth



photo credit: Luminis Kanto via photopin cc

photo credit: Luminis Kanto via photopin cc


Eyenie:  What would you say to women who feel like they’re stuck, in a trance, and like nothing else is possibly for them and their lives?  What are some things you do when you feel stuck or in a funk?

Christina:  Sisterhood. That’s big. I have called in women that I feel can hold me up when I feel down. And I talk with them. I share things. I ask for support.

Healers. I’ve had some events in my life that created major grief and my body wasn’t letting go of that grief. So I worked with healers that did body work and that helped me release in a BIG way. I am so thankful for the healers of the world.

Movement. I love dance. Hiking. Yoga. All of that helps me get out of my head and into my body. When I’m in my body, it’s much easier to feel into the next step and what feels right to me.

Eyenie:  You wear so many cool-ass hats…  Can you tell us about what you’re working on right now, live, and online?  What we should be looking out for??

Christina:  At this time, I am prepping for a no-cost training call on May 23rd for women artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders that want to bust through visibility blocks , honor their unique self-expression, and be seen and heard in their brand and biz.

In the call I will…

  • Share the 3 specific principles for women to embrace to go from secret to starlet
  • Reveal my top 5 keys for badass, brave, and bold self-expression
  • Help women access their artist with more ease  (if you have an inner Lada Gaga but your brand feels blah-blah, this one’s for you)

I am super excited to gather with all the badass women out there to talk about this topic of visibility and badassery and being more self-expressed.

Doubting and conforming and procrastinating doesn’t have to stop you from getting seen in your biz.

If anyone in your community wants to join this complimentary class call on visibility, they can sign up right over here:


Christina Dunbar is a visibility expert, performing speaker, and artistpreneur that embodies full self-expression in all that she does. She is writing, co-producing and starring in her 1st one-woman show Sex, Shame, Money, Art in September 2013; which will be the opening night to a larger 2 day LIVE event for badass biz chicks and visionary women.

Christina is co-creator of the Bye Bye Good Girl Movement and founder of She has been named the “catalyst for badassery” and through her retreats, mentoring circles, and stage performances she ignites other artists, leaders, and entrepreneurs to find their voice, share their message, and become visibility vixens.  You can learn more about her and her badassery at:


HEY! You Are More Beautiful Than You Think…

How would you describe yourself? What are your physical “flaws”?   Your “virtues”?  What do you think other people see when they first lay eyes on you?

photo credit: Clover_1 via photopin cc

photo credit: Clover_1 via photopin cc


From the time I was 8 years old, I was promised a nose job because I had “too much potential to let {my} nose ruin me!”

So, needless to say, I focused on my honker pretty intensely and it ended up being a source of obsession and self-loathing for many years!  When I was 16, I hustled to get a scholarship from a local Lion Lodge and went to Paris with a group of fellow French students.

 My daydream was to get my portrait drawn by a street artist in the Quartier Latin.

As I sat down and faced the artist, my negative perception of myself was so potent and strong, that it radiated like nuclear waste, and I literally sent the him mind-bullets.  He ended up drawing a distorted, cartoonishly hideous girl with beady eyes, fish lips and, of course, a GIGANTIC and crooked nose…exactly how I saw myself.

I cried like a little pansy-ass, and my friends kindly consoled me, told me what they thought was lovely about me, made me feel a lot better.  They insisted we go to another artist.  The next artist captured a reassured, loved and supported girl…the outcome was totally different.  Artist # 1 may have just been bad, but I am certain he picked up on my energy and delivered what I was giving off!

We all go through times like these, when we’re caught up in what that jerk-face voice tells us we are, and are not…The comforting thing is that what others think of us is often way mega lovelier than what we think of ourselves.

A friend kindly shared this video with me today, and it really struck a cord with me and my 16-year-old (and other-year-old!) self…  We are wrapped up in these ideas and thoughts that we have compiled over the course of our entire lives, that provide the picture of how we look in our mind’s eye.  Sadly though, that picture is often distorted like one of those kooky creepy-ass fun-house mirrors!  I’d love to see what you think of it.



What are some of the hang-ups you have or have had in the past about your appearance?  How were you able to shift these and see yourself in a more loving and beautiful light?

Is Your Inner Passion Burning Low?

When was the last time you felt excited about something? Or went on an adventure? Can you recall the feeling of butterflies in your stomach?

I see so many amazing, kick-ass women going through life on cruise-control, staring at one spot, missing all the loveliness that they could be tapping into, and it makes my ticker hurt with sadness because, yo, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Having fun and enjoying life is possible, no matter what the circumstances or context may be…But having fun and leaning into life enough to savor it genuinely and profoundly are skills we have to actually focus on and practice! When you are aware of the fact that having fun and feeling your inner passion BURN baby BURN is completely within your control, it’s a real game-changer.  It’s like you wake up from a looooong sleep with your own “true love’s kiss” (sorry, I may or may not have watched a few episodes of “Once Upon a Time”…)

You know what I want? I want you to be giddy to get out of bed in the morning! I want you to see sparks and excitement around you every live-long day! I want you to be fueled with creativity and excitement and yearning for adventure! I want you to feel ecstatic pride and love about being you!  YAY!

This is why I decided to jump in and create the Ignite the Inner Passion Retreat in Costa Rica.  Here’s my new video for it…check’er out.

Even if Costa Rica isn’t in the cards for you this year, we have created some fun and easy Weekly Passion Igniters you can sign up for to help turn up the heat in your inner passion to start enjoying life just a little bit more…

What do you do to feel vibrant and alive and happy to be you?!  Please share in the comments below!

Tools for Getting Your Manifesting On {+ what I’m working hard to manifest!}

Warning:  Thangs are ’bout to git real woo-woo up in here.  Just sayin’.

photo credit: AlicePopkorn via photopin cc

photo credit: AlicePopkorn via photopin cc

I have been manifesting things I desire for as long as I remember…since before I knew that what I was doing was called “manifesting”.  

From the time I was a gigantic child growing up (I’m 6’1 now, so just imagine…), I have had this burning certainty in my gut that things can be willed/made/invited to happen.  My family in Mexico was Catholic, so I grew up learning how to pray, and used this tool often.

My friends used to even submit requests like, “Help me win the batmington contest so I can get the gift certificate to FunPlex” and “Make a boy come and talk to us in front of the movie theater while we wait for my mom to pick us up.”  They knew I could pray like a mofo and get results.  My praying has since evolved into a mix of chanting and meditating, visualizing and calling on spirit guides, which much like Liz Taylor’s diamonds have “always brought me {magic}”.

However, since becoming an entrepreneur, I have been so in the eye of the storm…so wrapped up in all the emotions about the dreams and desires that I’m having manifestation stage-fright in a way.  It’s like I’m so close, I can’t pull away enough to effectively attract what it is I deeply desire…my manifesting mojo is rusty, yo.  Or at least my fears are making me feel like it is sometimes.  So I’m breaking things down, one by one and…

My main burning desire right now: To attract 15 women to my upcoming Ignite the Inner Passion Retreat in Costa Rica!!!


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Lately, I have been trying new techniques like focusing on what I want to attract for 10 minutes every single day, for 30 days (courtesy of the lovely Rose Cole during a recent video series).  I have also been writing down everything I desire in a notebook, in present tense as if it were already happening, expressing gratitude.

Another manifesting tip I learned that I really dig is when you’re afraid or nervous about an endeavor or project, think of someone you know could do it fearlessly and successfully…and pretend to be them for a bit!

A few days ago I came across some notes containing the mother-load of cool ways to be more proactive in attracting what you want that I took while listening to a call with  Burt Goldman from last year.

Here are some of the notes I’d like to share with you because they got me so effing excited! And I have started to implement some… they just make sense in this really kooky, profound and mind-blowing way.

Here goes:

  • We live in an infinite Universe, so whatever I believe or imagine IS.

  • Everyone has a Twin of themselves who exists in every time period, on every plane and dimension:  Visualize your Twin Self doing what you want to do.

  • Use your mind to travel where you want to go, see what you want to see and feel the emotions it brings up (I’ve been going to Costa Rica, imagining all the amazing stuff we’ll be doing with our group of kick-ass dames!)

  • Don’t ever get too emotional about your work!  Just do/act/take steps!  The intention is what matters most!  When you care too much, your emotions get in the way.  (This one is tough, but I’m working on it!)

  • During meditation, connect with your doppelganger who is already successful (stay objective) in your business.  See what they are doing, how they are going about things.

  • During meditation, tap into the Universe and its infinite knowledge to get business ideas.

  • When you go to bed at night, go over the events of the day, and imagine anything you wish you had done differently and do them over again in a way that makes you feel good.

I will be incorporating these into my daily practice and reporting back on how it goes regarding my retreat!

 Have you used any of these techniques?  What are your tried and true magical manifesting tools?  Please share below!


What Are You Waiting for? The Time for Fun is Now!

Do you ever think thoughts like:

“Once I lose enough weight, I’m going to start going out more!”

“Life would be so much fun if I were skinny.”

“When I have enough money to get rid of these wrinkles, I’ll really start enjoying life again…”

“As soon as I earn $XXX, I can finally start having some fun and exploring!”

“I’ll stop stressing out and taking time to relax once I reach my goals.”

Join the club!!  I could go on and on and on with these that kept me, and are keeping so many of my lovely clients, stuck/frozen/stagnant…


It’s Friday Fun Day and I want to remind you that there is no perfect time to start living your life, enjoying things, taking time to relax, having FUN, going on adventures!!!


Today is that day, toots!!!

If you aren’t happy with your weight, or how much you’re earning, or {fill in YOUR particular blank}, it does not have to stop you from creating space for fun and fluff and yum and wow.  In fact, if your confidence is not at its shiny brightest, having fun is a super duper amazing way to start changing that!!!


Today, I double dog dare you to ditch the negatron talk and saddle up for some fun-having!  As soon as you decide to embark on an adventure–no matter how small or how elaborate–you forget all that negative and limiting chatter and actually *feel good* for awhile.

Why not inject some of that into your everyday life?



Having fun = confidence!  It may sound strange, but try it!  There is no direct correlation between the way you look (or think you look)/how successful you are/how much money you earn, etc… and having fun!

There is absolutely no rule that says that you can only enjoy life once you’re pretty, thin, rich, fabulous, {insert others} “enough”…so stop living as if there were!  BOOM!

What can you do today to have some fun, relax, explore, savor, enjoy??  It can be something mega easy peasy!  Here are just a few simple ideas:

  • Call someone who makes you pee your pants with laughter and have a silly conversation.
  • Go into a shop  you adore and try on some ridiculous outfits that are waaaay out of your current price range.  Take a photo for extra credit!
  • If you go for drinks after work, order by color–ask the waiter to bring you something purple or green and see what you get (I actually had one slammin’ night with one of my bffs ordering drinks like this).
  • Take the scenic route home from work and stop at a couple of places that pique your interest.
  • Run outside and play in the rain!  Play on the playground!  Do the teeter-totter, swing..(I would be lying if I said I didn’t get giddy on the teeter totter just the other day!)Get muddy and wet, roll around!

Just go for it and allow yourself to enjoy the moment without being all self-judgy!!

I’d love to hear some of the yucky “once I ___ I’ll finally be able to____” thoughts you have and how you’re going to kick them in the arse today by having fun!  YAY!  Please share in the comments!!