Oh, Vision Board!!!

A good pal and fellow coach recommended I do a vision board.  I had heard of them and always sort of had the idea on my mental desktop, but I found the idea overwhelming.  I’m the guy who for years wouldn’t buy anything at a record store or book store because all of the options really stressed me out.  Well, now that 2012 is my HELLZ NO TO FEAR!! year, I am saying YES TO LOVE!, and have taken the plunge.  Folks, I have my very own board and the infinite possibilities did not make me skerrrd!!!

Now, I’m reminded of all the delights I want in my life, and having my vision board at my desk helps me to get my manifesting on every single live-long day. And, it’s sort of a work-in-progress.  I add things, remove, adjust, etc. as needed.  It has inspired me so much that, heck, I even made a video about it!  Take a look-see…  Happy manifesting!!!!

4 thoughts on “Oh, Vision Board!!!

  1. howdy Kesha! thanks for stopping by and for the official welcome to vb junkie land!! ha! i agree…when we stay focused on all the yumminess on our vb, things start to happen in a major way!! :) do you have any tips you have found helpful to make them more effective?

    • Absolutely! :-)

      1) Keep the board(s) you’re focusing on up front and prominent.
      2) Review them periodically to ensure they are still what you want and/or make appropriate changes (weekly recommended but it depends on a person’s goals)
      3) Do a mental exercise (whether it’s meditation or a visualization exercise) while doing #2 to help further attract the VB goal
      4) Finally (and this goes for everything I do), give thanks for the manifestation of the goal in advance. I started keeping a daily gratitude journal and can’t say enough how much it helps to not only “think” gratitude but to write it down as well :-)

      Hope this helps!

      • I just saw the super duper tips you added (my site was being worked on)… I’m all about the gratitude journal! THANK YOU OODLES! Lovely stuff!

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